Read Me - War of Betrayal limited edition release notice

READ ME - War of Betrayal limited edition release notice

WOB keycaps are classified in several different types:


Artist Series - We are proud of this series. They are hand-painted caps of an extremly high level of craftsmanship, and as such, we invest a lot of time on individually painting each cap. To integrate with the development of the story, each painted series will be given a unique title such as: War Begins (WB), Revenge (RV), etc. These will be a special edition with limited quantities. Additionally, this series will include an exclusive bag which will have an individualized serial number on the back.

The serial number shows the worldwide production quantity, here’s an example:

If you get a serial number such as  "KIRA WB 25/100", which means you got a keycap with the character KIRA (War Beginning Series) number 25 out of 100.

Each sale might show a different quantity depending on my time invested and difficulty; you will get this information from the product description each time sale.

Design SeriesThese are designed specifically for use as a functional key. If you have missed the “Artist Series”, then you can still enjoy our “Twelve Character” design. These will be produced with a series of colour versions, coming in a variety of colors including solid and transparent. The quantity of these sales are also limited, but to a lesser extent that the “Artists Series” caps. The “Design Series” does not include an exclusive package but will ship securely in carton packaging.

Painted Caps – This series does not have any character design. All keycaps are blank MX caps, uncoated but individually painted. Keycap Material: ABS/PBT, designed for ROW1, ROW2, ROW3, and ROW4. These caps have a somewhat larger production quantity and they have no purchase limit, so you can buy more than 10pcs. As all of the keycaps need to be hand painted, we will prepare a batch of stock for each sale and if those run out then they will be an replenished at a later date.  This means there may be a situation where you might have to purchase caps from two batches. For example, if you order 10pcs but there are only 5 pieces left in the first batch you can either: take the 5 pieces and wait for the next batch for 5 more, take the five pieces and be charged for 5, or send us an "Order Cancellation" form and forgo your order for any of these caps. Your invoice will clearly state how many caps you were able to acquire.

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