Hi Guys, Current standings for everyone! A quick little information boost for you here! All Kira related products have shipped, I have seen some fantastic photos posted around the internet as some peoples have already received theirs! All tracking should be sent out today!

The bad news is that production has stalled on the ‘Q for Dragon’ keycaps, we are aware that this product has already been delayed, this is an issue which puts us in a difficult position, if you are interested in specifics, the TMX Stem we had designed wouldn’t cope with the manufacturing specifics, inside the stem, the MX portion works as intended, the Topre part was too thick and doesn’t seat the cap correctly, as can be seen in the photo below.

With regards to this, we realise there is an issue with this Sale, we want everyone to be happy, so we have developed a new customer care system, which we have being rolled out over the next few weeks, this will allow us to track every single order and make sure that each and every one of you is as happy as can be

All future sales will be tracked to completion! 

All customers who have been effected by the delays in our recent sales KIRA, Q for dragon or Blank Keycaps will be given a 20% off discount code for their next sale.